The TP ICAP Fusion Excel ribbon

When the TP ICAP Fusion Excel add-in has been installed on your PC, a new ribbon will be displayed in Excel. This is how it looks when you are not logged in:



Logging In

To log in, click the Login button. Enter the login details supplied to you by TP ICAP support into the popup window. When you have successfully logged in the ribbon will be activated:



Pulling grids into your spreadsheet

You can build your own sheets with live ticking grids by using the iPullFusion(...) in-cell function. See this page for details.

As a shortcut, you can pull a snapshot of a grid or a live ticking grid into your worksheet using the Pull button on the ribbon. For a live grid, click the Pull button and select the Live option:


Choose a grid from the list (you can use the filter to narrow down the options). Select New Worksheet then click Live Pull:


A new tab will be opened in your Excel workbook containing the grid.


Starting and Pausing Live Data

To temporarily stop updates, click the Pause button in the ribbon. To restart, click the Start button.


Further questions?

See this page for FAQs about the add-in.

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