What are Actions and how do I create them?

ipushpull Actions let you create buttons, dropdowns and rotating statuses on your pages, apply conditional formatting to your data and trigger Tasks when you and your colleagues make updates. 

What kind of buttons can I create?

  • Dropdown lists
  • Rotating statuses
  • Buttons that open Symphony chat rooms with the users you specify
  • Buttons that trigger a Task

You can also create buttons that perform combinations of these tasks e.g. a dropdown list that also triggers a Task when a user changes it.

For more information see this page.


What kind of formatting can I apply to my data?

You can change the text and background colours of a cell depending on its current value or the value of cells around it. Conditions supported include =, >, <, <>. You can also change the colour of an entire row based on a cell value.

For more information see this page.


What kind of tasks can I trigger?

  • Send Custom Notifications into a chatroom
  • Update the values of cells in the grid
  • Share on Symphony dialog
  • Custom JavaScript to interface with other platforms

For more information see this page.


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