Create a new State by saving a Filter

You can create a new state by saving a filter which you use at a later time. Use it within the same page in the web app or by opening that page in Workspaces. You can open multiple versions of the same page in Workspaces and apply different States to these to view at the same time.

To create a state first add a filter by following the steps below

Create a Filter

1. Select the Data button within the pages toolbar located in the top right of the page


2. Filter the data on your page by either selecting a column from your data to sort by, choose a string number or date and whether in ascending or descending order. Alternatively type in a custom value in the Value box.



Add a new State

3. Select the Data dropdown in the ipushpull page toolbar and select States


4. Below both the States and Filters are selected and a Filter is already applied. To save the Filter as a State, add a State name and click Add.



5. The State is now saved under Available States. If you remove a filter then the State will still stay saved.


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