Setting up Destinations for Notifications and Messages

The ipushpull App for Symphony lets you share page content into chatrooms and via email. This article describes how to set up your destination chatrooms and email addresses.

Destinations Maintenance

To create, edit and delete your Destinations, click on the "Head and Shoulders" icon in the top right of the app and select Destinations from the menu. The Destinations form will be displayed:



Enter a Name for the destination. This can be any free text.


Now choose the destination Type. The options available are:

  • symphony-obo - this posts messages into Symphony chatrooms using your own user account.
  • symphony - this posts messages into Symphony chatrooms using a bot account. This only works if the bot has been invited to the room.
  • email - one or more email addresses.

Note that, depending on your environment, some of these options may not be available.


Now enter the Destination. If you are configuring a Symphony chat room you have to enter the room's Conversation ID here. To find the Conversation ID:

  • Open the Symphony chat
  • Click on any message timestamp in the chat. This will open the Message Status sidebar. Copy the Conversation ID:mceclip1.png

Paste this value into the Destination field in the ipushpull App and hit ADD

Once you have completed this process, the room will be displayed as an option each time you want to share data from the app.



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