Linking pages to chatrooms to streamline communications

It's easy to create a link between an ipushpull page and a specific Symphony chatroom to streamline conversations about your data. Once you've created a link, two features are activated:

  • a chat button appears on the ipushpull toolbar each time you load the page. Clicking the button takes you straight to that chatroom.
  • the Share feature is activated on the right-click menu. This lets you share rows of data from the page into the chat, so users without ipushpull can see them.


Linking a page to a chatroom

To link a page to a chatroom, first load the page, click the Settings gearwheel, and select the DETAILS tab:


Next, find the Conversation ID of the Symphony chatroom you want to link the page to.

To find the Conversation ID:

  • Launch the Symphony chat
  • Click on any message timestamp in the chat. This will open the Message Status sidebar. Copy the Conversation ID:mceclip1.png
  • Paste it into the Conversation ID field in the ipushpull App
  • Hit SAVE


Launching the Chat Room

After setting up this link, the Chat button will appear in the toolbar:


Click it to launch the chat. 


Sharing Data into the Chat Room

If you select a range of data from your page then right click on your mouse, the Share option will be available:


When you click the Share button the app displays what you are about to share:


You can enter an optional message at this stage. When you click SEND the data gets sent to the chat:


Note that the ipushpull bot has to be a member of the room you are sending the message to.

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