Types of ipushpull pages

Within your folder there are a few page types that have different functions on the ipushpull platform. Some can be created and others are given as standard for usage monitoring. All pages are hosted within the cloud service, unless otherwise specified.


Page Formats

Data pages

Data pages are created with a grid format to host information that you push or paste to the ipushpull platform (web app). You can then Pull or embed these pages into other applications like WordPress, Slack, Symphony and Excel. 

PDF Pages

Upload a PDF page, choose a URL link or choose a page from existing uploads. Once shared with the ipushpull platform, PDF pages can not be downloaded or shared without your permission. Pages can also be embedded in a website. 

Alerts Page

This page is used to monitor email and SMS alerts that have been set up from your data. Alerts pages are set up as standard in all folders.

Step-by-step: Sending Email Alerts from your MS Excel spreadsheet

In-depth: How to send Email and SMS Alerts from your MS Excel Spreadsheet

Folder and Page monitoring

Folder Usage, Folder Page Audit and Live Page Usage are all part of the folder and page monitoring features, giving you the ability to view who has been using/viewing and making changes to your folder and pages.


Private and Public pages

Private Pages

All new pages are set up as Private on creation. Private pages are secure and end to end encrypted, keeping your data safe on the platform.

Public Pages

Choose to make a page Public from page settings in order to share it as a URL, embed it in a WordPress site or a website. Public pages can be shared by other people once the URL is available. 

You can also hide the URL of a Public page with the Public Access by UUID only setting, making a public page URL unguessable.

How to make an ipushpull Page Public so it can be shared or embedded

However, to totally secure your information, please use private pages.


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