Installing the Excel Add-In on Amazon WorkSpaces or a VPS

If you want to continuously update your ipushpull pages from Excel, you may want to run your Excel session on a Virtual Private Server or a Virtual Desktop e.g. an Amazon WorkSpace. These services let you keep Excel running full-time without having it running on your own desktop PC.

You will need to install MS Excel and the ipushpull Excel add-in on the virtual machine. This is usually straightforward but you may need to modify the security policy on the VM first.


Installing on Amazon WorkSpaces

The default security policy on Amazon WorkSpaces does not allow you to run .MSI installers without elevated privileges. You will see an error message like this when you run the installer:


To change the machine policy to allow .MSI installers to be run from Windows Explorer, use the following steps:

  1. Click Start -> Run and enter gpedit.msc
  2. Click Local Computer Policy -> Computer Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Installer.
  3. OPTION 1: Some versions of Windows have a Disable Windows Installer option. If you see this, select Disable Windows Installer and choose Edit policy setting:
  4. OPTION 1: Click Enabled and choose Never from the Disable Windows Installer drop-down list:
  5. OPTION 2: Other Windows versions have the option Turn off Windows Installer. If you see this, double click it or select Edit policy setting:
  6. OPTION 2: Click Enabled and choose Never from the Turn off Windows Installer drop-down list:
  7. Click Apply


You might need to restart your Amazon WorkSpace for the changes to take effect, or you can run the following command: gpupdate /force

Now run the Excel add-in installer again.

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