Desktop Website: Modifying Cell and Range Permissions

This article describes how to add cell and range permissions within your ipushpull pages. You can control which cells and ranges of cells each user can view or update. For example, you could lock the header row to prevent anyone from updating it. You can add as many access-controlled ranges as you like to each page.

You must be a Folder Administrator in order to modify range permissions within a Page.

When you have selected the Page you want to add range permissions to, click the Access button on the Page toolbar. If you do not see the page toolbar then find the dropdown arrow below the Profile menu to reveal the Page toolbar.


Define the Range you want to protect

1. Navigate to Access in the page settings menu



2. Click and select the cells you would like your range to contain within the page data




3. Name your range in Range Name and click CREATE. This will create a new range in the right menu column


4. To make sure all your rows and columns within a range keep the settings you set when new cells are added, use the arrows next to the Range Name. You can select the row to the edge of a page with the horizontal arrow or the column with the vertical arrow. This becomes a controlling range for the new columns and rows added to the page.




Control user access to this range

A list of users with access to this page is listed below the range you have just defined. Toggle each of the square permission boxes to choose the permission you want. In this case we've restricted all users to read-only (RO) access to the range:


3. Check the page

The range now appears slightly faded (you may need to refresh your browser first) and you are not permitted to update any data in the range, even if you have read/write permission to the overall page



If you want to completely hide the contents of some cells from some users, select NO instead of RO in stage 2.


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