Initialising Styles and Formats for live data pulls

This article explains how to set up cell colours and styles before entering an ipullDisplay function.

ipullDisplay only pulls back a page's values, not its colours and styles. The quickest way to set up the styles is to do a manual pull into the range before entering the ipullDisplay.


1 Enter your ipull function



2 Name the Pulling Range

Giving your pulling range a name helps you to easily select it again. To do this, select the range of cells you want to pull into, then enter a name into the name box in the top left:


Whenever you need to highlight this range again, just select the name from the name box dropdown and all the cells in the range will be selected.


3 Manually Pull the Styles and Formats

With the target range highlighted, choose Pull from the ipushpull ribbon:



Choose the page you are pulling from:


And press the Pull button. This will pull a snapshot of the page into your range, with all its formats, colours, column widths etc.:


4 Enter the ipullDisplay

Finally, with the entire range still selected, enter your ipullDisplay function (as described here) and hit CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER:

The styles and formats will be left unchanged, but the values will now update live.

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