Navigate & create pages, folders and Workspaces in the Web App

This article describes how to navigate between your folders, pages and other parts of the ipushpull web application.

When you log in to ipushpull, you can find your Workspaces, folder(s) and pages under the ipushpull logo. 


1. Click on Workspaces in the left hand toolbar 



2. To bring up your list of available Workspaces dashboards or create a new Workspace



Folder(s) and pages

1. To bring up folder(s) and pages click on Open page in the left hand toolbar 



2. This brings up all your pages in their collapsible folders. You can also search for a page or folder in the "Open Page" search box



Create a new page, folder or Workspace

To Create a new page, page from template, folder or Workspace, click on the Create button



Return to the dashboard by clicking on the ipushpull logo. 


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