How do I edit and update my ipushpull pages in the Web App?

In this article you will find out how to edit a page in ipushpull Web App, as well as how to find other settings such as AutoSave, Favourites, Access controls, Encryption, Page Settings, Page Embed and the page Delete button. You must have write access to the page which you are trying to edit.

1. Click on the page menu arrow to reveal the page toolbar, located below the Profile dropdown menu



2. Double click on the cell you’d like to edit or click Edit in the toolbar



3. Make your changes and click Push in the toolbar (for AutoSave see step 4)


The current cell is highlighted in yellow. Make any changes you like to any of the cells on the page. The Tab key moves to the next cell, the Enter key moves you to the next row. 

You can insert new rows and columns using the appropriate buttons on the toolbar.

To Push your changes to ipushpull, click the Push button. To cancel changes and revert to the previous version press Cancel.


4. If you have AutoSave on then you do not need to click Push as your changes are saved automatically




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