How do I create new ipushpull pages?

This section describes how to create new ipushpull pages.

If you have access to more than one folder, first select the folder you want to create the page in. This displays the page list.

At the top of the folder navigation a large blue button with CREATE opens a drop down menu when clicked. Click on Page to display the Create New Page screen or just click the + (plus) button next to the folder name:



Enter the new page name in the box at the top and select the type of page you’d like to create. If you want a new blank page, leave the Blank Page template selected. If you want to use a template, choose one from the list. You can preview what each template looks like by clicking the Preview links.

Click the CREATE button to create the page:



  • You can only create pages in a folder if you are a folder administrator
  • If you try to create more pages in the folder than your package entitles you to, an error will be returned
  • Page names can contain alphanumeric characters and the hyphen and underscore characters
  • Page names are case-insensitive: for example, you are not permitted to create two pages called MyPage and mypage in the same folder
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