Mobile: Navigating folders and pages

This article describes how to navigate between your folders, pages and Workspaces on the ipushpull web application on mobile.

The mobile toolbar at the top of the application allows you to navigate between the different parts of the app



Navigating Workspaces 

To open the Workspaces list click on the icon resembling windows 



This will bring up your existing Workspaces as well as an option to create a new Workspace. To close the sidebar panel without selecting a Workspace click on the back arrow 



When the Workspaces app is open on mobile, all the windows will be open in tabs along the top of the screen. Click on any of the tabs to view the specific screen



Navigating Pages and Folders

To drill down into any of your folders to view the pages you have access to, click on the Folder icon in the Folder List and select the page you would like displayed. To close the sidebar panel without selecting a page click on the back arrow 







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