Desktop and Mobile websites: Default Folders and Pages

This article explains what default folders and pages are, and how you can set them.

You can configure ipushpull so that when you log in you will see either:

  • the dashboard
  • the default page in your default folder


Toggle between Dashboard and Default Page on login

To toggle between the above 2 settings, click on the blue Display Dashboard on login button at the bottom of the dashboard. Click it again (it will have turned yellow) to Display a default Page on login instead.



Set a Default Page

To configure your default page, navigate to the page you are interested in. If you're using the desktop site, open your page then click on the Page Settings button and press the Set Page Default for Folder button.



The page you've selected will now be displayed by default every time you navigate to this folder, or when you log in if you've chosen not to display the Dashboard.


Set a Default Folder

If you have access to more than one folder, you'll have to set a default folder, too. On desktop, navigate to the folder you've chosen and click on the gear wheel to the right of its name. This displays the folder settings page. Click on the blue Set as default folder button.


The default page in your default folder will now be displayed each time you log in to ipushpull.

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