Mobile Website: Using the Dashboard and Bookmarking ipushpull pages

This article describes how to use the ipushpull Dashboard on your mobile phone and how to bookmark your pages for easy access.

When you log in to ipushpull for the first time on a new device, the full ipushpull dashboard will be displayed. It will look something like this:




At the top is a friendly message from us, then below is a set of sections with support information, useful links and the latest information from ipushpull.

Click on the cross in the top right corner to hide the image and bring the useful information to the top of the screen:




You will be able to see the following sections:

  • Getting Started: a set of links to popular support articles that help you to start using ipushpull
  • Support: a link to this website and the support email address
  • Latest News: the latest blog posts from ipushpull
  • Twitter Feed: our latest tweets about ipushpull, Excel, Finance and Technology
  • Follow Us: links to our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn pages, plus the RSS feed for our blog
  • Display Dashboard on login: the green button lets you toggle between displaying the dashboard on login, or the default page in your default folder

You can customise the dashboard by adding favourites to your favourite pages so you don't have to search through your folders for them. To add a favourite, go to the page you are interested in, touch the menu button in the bottom right corner and tap the Star button (circled below):




A dialog will pop up where you can customise the name for this favourite.

The next time you visit the dashboard, your favourites will be listed at the top of the page:




Click on the favourite to get take straight to your page. To get back to the dashboard, go back to your folders list by touching the button in the top left then tap the House button in the top left of the folder list screen.


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