Mobile: Using the Dashboard and Favourite pages

This article describes how to use the ipushpull Dashboard on your mobile phone and how to bookmark your pages for easy access.

When you log in to ipushpull for the first time on a new device, the full ipushpull dashboard will be displayed. It will look something like this:



At the top is a friendly message from us, then below is a selection of your most recently visited pages.

You will also be able to see the following sections:

  • Recent: The names of your most recent pages
  • Favs: Your favourited pages, saved previously
  • Global Pages: A selection of pages provided by ipushpull available to you by default 


You can customise the dashboard by saving pages to favourites which will appear in the Favs section of your dashboard. To add a favourite, go to the page you are interested in, in the page menu touch the heart icon to add the page to favourites (circled below):




To get back to the dashboard tap the ipushpull logo button in the top left of the screen.


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