Edit folder settings

This article describes how to edit an ipushpull folder's basic settings. You must be an Administrator of the folder to do this.

1. Click on Open Page in the left side menu



2. Click on the gearwheel next to your folder name in the folder/page list. If you do not see this symbol you are not an Administrator for the folder



3. This displays the Settings for your folder




You can change the following folder settings here:

  • Name: this will change your folder's name across the system.
  • Display Name: not currently used
  • Description: a long description for your folder
  • Default Conversation ID for connected apps such as Symphony
  • Page Access Mode: Enterprise users can toggle between Basic and Enterprise page access mode using this setting

You can also set the folder to be your default folder on this screen. When you also select a default page, the default page in your default folder will be displayed first when you log in to ipushpull.

The other tabs on this page let you manage the users who have access to your folder and the pages they can view or update.


  • You can only edit a folder's settings if you are a folder administrator (apart from assigning a folder to be your default folder)
  • Folder names can contain alphanumeric characters and the hyphen and underscore characters
  • Folder names are case-insensitive: for example, you are not permitted to create a folder called MyFolder if another user already has a folder called myfolder
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