How to share a folder or invite a new user

To share Excel data with a friend, colleague or client using ipushpull you will need to invite them to your folder.


1. Inviting colleagues or clients to ipushpull

First, log into ipushpull and click on the Gear symbol next to your folder name. This opens the Folder Settings screen:




Select the Access tab

Type the email(s) of people you would like to send invites to (up to five at a time). You can customise your invitation by adding your own message. Then click the Invite people button:




ipushpull sends an invitation email to the addresses you entered. The email addresses will appear in the 'Pending Users' section. When your colleagues complete the sign-up process they will move into the 'Current Users' section:



2. Giving people Folder Administrator access

You can toggle folder administrator access for a colleague by clicking the Head & Shoulders button next to their email address on the Folder Access tab.


3. Resending Invitations

You can resend an invitation by clicking the Envelope button. Or you can cancel their invitation by clicking the X button.


4. Giving people access to your pages

Inviting someone to your folder doesn't automatically grant them access to your ipushpull pages, unless you make them a folder administrator. To grant them access to individual pages, click on the Page Access tab. See this page for full details.


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