How do I use ipushpull?

ipushpull lets you securely share with your colleagues, customers and collaborators via our live data pages and PDF pages. Live data or PDF content can be pushed and pulled to and from your ipushpull pages via our desktop and mobile web-clients, or from desktop applications such as MS Excel.   


When you sign up for iPushPull you get your own folder and some default pages.  From our desktop or mobile web-clients you can create new pages or manage and delete your current pages. New pages can be created blank or with content from one of our templates. 


Our access and permissioning features give you full control over who can accesses your pages and our monitoring and reporting tools give you full audit and transparency on usage. To share your pages with other users, you first have to invite them to your folderOnce they have accepted your invitation, you can grant them access to your pages. You can let them have read access, write access or no access to each page in your folder.


Excel / Data pages

You can update your live data pages directly using our web clients or alternatively our Microsoft Excel Add-In lets you push data to your pages or pull data from them automatically. The add-in pushes the values, formatting and styles from the user-defined areas of your spreadsheet. You can then share your iPushPull Live Data pages with other people so they can access the data on desktop or mobile device via our web-clients or by pulling the actual data live into their own desktop spreadsheet.


Web and Embedding

Once have created your live data pages you can present them within your own or in any WordPress sites by simply copying the 'embed' code from our simple page share function on our webpages. And if you make it a Page Public your audience will be able to view the data without even logging in to iPushPull.


Research / PDF pages

Sharing PDF and email content via iPushPull gives you ultimate control and security over your information. You know longer need to email attachments but rather simply update your secure PDF pages manually via our drag and drop interface, link to your file service or directly email to us as attachments and your PDF content. Your content will be automatically presented in your iPushPull pages and an update can be sent to your colleagues, collaborators or customers to let them know its been updated. You can even have iPushPull alert you when one of your documents is read by a specific user.



Now that you've created your pages and given your colleagues and clients access to them, what will you use iPushPull for?

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