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What does the "RateLimited" error mean when I use /ipp pull in Slack?

If you are pulling a lot of high frequency updates into your channels, Slack will eventually 'rate limit' or 'throttle' them. You will see an error message like this and the ipushpull page will disappear temporarily:


This problem is caused by a limit set by Slack on the number of updates it permits per channel. See this page for more details.

To prevent this error from occurring, reduce the frequency at which your page is being updated.


I've authenticated with ipushpull, but I get a "No record of application configuration for your user" error

You must authenticate with ipushpull using the same email address as your Slack user. This is how we link the accounts from the two services together and let you pull private pages into your channel.

If you authenticate with ipushpull using a different email address to your Slack user, you will get this error message when you try to pull your pages:


To fix this problem, reauthenticate using an account with the same email address.

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