Shared Ranges FAQs


Can I share colours, fonts and other styles?

When you set up a shared range we push the initial styles and formats to ipushpull. Subsequently we only share changes to the values in the range. You can manually refresh styles and formatting by clicking Shared Ranges | Manage on the Excel ribbon then pressing the Push button for the range you want to update:


Can Multiple Users collaborate on the same set of data at the same time?

Yes - there is no limit on the number of users who can collaborate on a shared page at the same time.


How do I see details of the shared ranges in my spreadsheet?

Click the Manage button on the ipushpull ribbon to see full details of the shared ranges in your sheet. For each range in the sheet the popup displays:

  • the coordinates of the range of cells
  • the page and folder the range is synchronising with
  • the update interval - defaults to zero seconds for instant updates
  • a status message describing when the range was last synchronised, or an informative error message if something's wrong
  • a checkbox indicating whether the range is active or not - if you check the box then the range will synchronise, if you uncheck it then it won't
  • the Formats Push button. Shared ranges don't synchronise styles and formats, just values. If you want to push the latest styles and formats to ipushpull press this button.
  • the Delete button. Press this button to delete the shared range from your sheet.
  • the Select button. Press this button to select the range on your sheet. 


How do I delete a shared range?

Click the Manage button on the ipushpull ribbon to display the Shared Range management window. Find the range you want to delete and click the Delete button. 


How do I resize a shared range?

ipushpull resizes your range automatically when you insert or delete rows or columns in your spreadsheet.


Can I share Excel formulas in ipushpull shared ranges?

In the current version this is not supported. However, we are working on this and soon you will be able to nominate one of your sheets to be the 'master' spreadsheet then trigger calculations on that sheet from another sheet, or the ipushpull desktop or mobile apps, or any of our other integrations e.g. Symphony.


Can I give my spreadsheet to people who don't use ipushpull?

Yes - if they don't have ipushpull installed the spreadsheet will still work fine, but it won't synchronise with ipushpull, of course.


Can I give my spreadsheet to ipushpull users who don't have access to my pages?

Yes - if they have ipushpull installed they will see the details of the shared range in the Manage window, but they won't be able to push or pull data if they don't have access to the page.

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