Step-by-Step: Using ipushpull Shared Ranges to collaborate in real-time

ipushpull Shared Ranges let you collaborate with other Excel users in real time. When you change data in your Excel session, their Excel will update immediately. If they change data in their Excel session, your Excel will update immediately. This article explains how to set up and use a Shared Range.


1. Launch Excel and log into ipushpull

Sign up to ipushpull, if you haven't done so already

Download our Excel add-in and install it

Launch Excel and log in to ipushpull

Your Excel session will look something like this:



2. Share your data using an ipushpull Page

You share data between spreadsheets using a cloud-hosted ipushpull Page. Here's how to choose the page.

In Excel, select the range of data you want to share then click the Share button on the ribbon. Then select the Page you are going to use to share the data:



3. Choose how you want to start sharing

You now have to choose whether you want to start off by pulling the contents of the ipushpull Page into your spreadsheet, or to push the contents of your range to ipushpull.

In this case I have already set data up in my sheet so I have selected the Sync to ipushpull option. This will copy the data in my sheet to ipushpull.

If you already have data in your ipushpull page and you want to pull it to the spreadsheet, select Sync to Excel. Note that this will overwrite any data that's already in the range you've selected!

Click Share and press the Start button on the ribbon to start sharing.


4. Try making some changes!

You're now ready to try making some changes. The easiest way to do this is by running your Excel session side-by-side with the ipushpull web app open at the shared page:


Make a change in the spreadsheet - the data in the web app will update automatically.

Make a change in the web app and hit save - the data in the spreadsheet will update automatically.


5. Share with a colleague!

Save the spreadsheet you've created and give a copy of it to a colleague. Once they have completed step 1 of this guide they can open the sheet on their PC, press start, then collaborate in real time with you using Excel.


Every time you make a change their sheet will update, and when they make a change your sheet will update.


6. Next Steps

Collaborate between Excel and other ipushpull integrations

Learn how to manage your shared ranges

Read our Shared Ranges FAQs



When I make a change in my spreadsheet the ipushpull web app doesn't update

  • Are you logged in to ipushpull in your Excel session?
  • Have you pressed the Start button on the Excel ribbon?


When I make a change in my spreadsheet my colleague' sheet doesn't update?


My formats and styles aren't updating

Shared ranges only share the values within the cells, not the colours, fonts etc. When collaborating between Excel sessions we suggest you set up both sheets with the same formatting, styles and conditional formats first so that, as the data updates, Excel will automatically update the formats on the remote sheets, too.



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