Private, Global & Public ipushpull pages

When you share data on ipushpull, your data pages can either be Public, Global or Private.

  • Public Pages can be accessed by anyone
  • Global Pages can be accessed by anyone within your company
  • Private Pages can only be accessed by those you grant permission to (who could be inside or outside your company)

Global Pages - Premium App

When you share pages using the Premium App, you can choose whether they should be Private, Global Read Only or Global Read & Write. You can do so by Clicking on the Page drop down and then Access.



You may choose whether a global page can be modified:

  • only by you, or
  • by anyone inside your company you share the page with




Private Pages - Premium App

Private Pages can only be viewed or updated by those people you have granted explicit permission to using ipushpull's access controls. If you share a private page with someone you haven't given access to, they will see an error message:



The Free app only lets you create Public pages. The Premium app lets you create Global or Private pages. You cannot create Public pages with the Premium app.

Public Pages - Free App

All pages shared using the free app are Public. You may choose whether the pages you share can be modified:

  • only by you, or
  • by anyone you share the page with

Note that anyone you've shared a public page with is free to re-share that page to others.


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