What are the benefits of upgrading to the ipushpull Premium App for Symphony?

Upgrading to the ipushpull Premium App for Symphony gives you and your colleagues access to ipushpull's full feature set.


Share Live Data

The premium app enables you to share live data across your organisation and with your clients. Share directly from desktop apps like Microsoft Excel or your local databases using our add-ins and connectors, or connect your in-house systems using our suite of APIs.


Persisting Pages

When you share your data using our Premium App you can save your pages and update and share them as often as you like.


Audit, Monitor and Report

The premium app keeps a full audit trail of page history and records who's updated your pages and who's looked at them, in real time.


Access Control

The premium app lets you restrict access to your data by controlling who's permitted to view and update it. You can even control access down to the individual cell level, so you can build shareable forms for workflow automation.



Please contact your Symphony Administrator to upgrade to premium or for a free trial. Or Contact Us.

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