Collaborate on data using the ipushpull app for Symphony

In addition to letting you share data with your network, the ipushpull App for Symphony lets you, your colleagues and clients collaborate on data within the Symphony app itself. You can jointly edit your data directly in Symphony, whether you're using the Free or Premium App.


2. Collaboration using the Premium App

Collaboration using the Premium App follows a similar workflow. However, it's much more convenient because you can save your pages and reopen them later using the Find your page feature. You can also control access to the page using our access control features and view a complete audit trail of changes. For example, here's a saved page that has been reopened:


Next, share this page with someone in your Symphony network using the SHARE button. They will receive a message inviting them to view the page. When they open the page they will be able to edit it (providing you've given them write access). As soon as they save their changes you'll see the page update.

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