Use cashtags to share ipushpull pages

As well as sharing using the SHARE button in the ipushpull App for Symphony, you can also share pages using cashtags direct from a Symphony chat. You can share any Public page this way.

To do this you need to know the name of the Folder and Page you want to share. If you're using the Premium App you can use the Find your page search to find this:


In this case the Folder name is SymphonyDemo and the Page name is EURUSDShort. To share this in a chat, type a cashtag in the format $ipp.FolderName.PageName. In this case it will be $ipp.SymphonyDemo.EURUSDShort

Like this:


When anyone in the chat with you hovers their mouse over the cashtag, a popup will display the set of applications they can use to react to it:


When they click on ipushpull the page will be displayed.

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