How do I share my own live data with my Symphony network using the Premium App?

The ipushpull App for Symphony lets you share your own live data with your team, your colleagues and your clients within Symphony.

Sharing your own live data requires the ipushpull Premium App for Symphony. Please contact your Symphony administrator to upgrade or contact us to find out more.


1. Create an ipushpull Page

You can create an ipushpull page using the ipushpull Premium App for Symphony or using our main web app.

To create a page using the Premium App for Symphony, sign in to the app, then copy and paste some data into the Copy & Paste section of the app. Select your folder from the dropdown, enter a name for your page, select whether the page should be private or global then hit Save & Share:




2. Updating the Page from another app

You'll need an ipushpull password to push your updates from a third party app. See this article for details.

Then see this article to learn how to push data from Excel.

You can also push data from a database or from one of your own systems using our APIs.


3. Viewing your updates

Once you've start pushing data to your page you can view it in the Symphony app. You can search for pages you created earlier using the Find your page search box:




4. Share your page

Hit the Share button to share it with your Symphony network. This will display the Share on Symphony popup:


Select the people and rooms you want to share your data with and click SEND.

If you configured the page to be Global, everyone you share it with inside your company will be able to see it if they add the ipushpull App for Symphony.

If you configured the page to be Private and used ipushpull's access control to manage access, only the people you've granted access to will be able to see it.

As your page updates, your network will be able to see the updates automatically. 

Click Here to return to the ipushpull App for Symphony FAQs



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