Modifying an embedded page toolbar

When you embed a page in your website, you can modify the toolbar which appears at the bottom of the embedded window or iframe. 

You can do so through the ipushpull Web App or with the ipushpull WordPress plugin, which will provide you with a simple shortcode to embed in your website. We'll describe both methods in this article.

For either method you will need to make the page Public first unless you need your visitors to login with an ipushpull login.


Method 1: Use the ipushpull WordPress plugin to modify a page toolbar

1. If you have installed the ipushpull plugin for WordPress then you can use the ipushpull button within the page toolbar to bring up the Shortcode Generator. 



2. In the Shortcode Generator window you can change the toolbar options by deselecting the the buttons you would like to remove, under the "Embed and WordPress Options".



Within the Shortcode generator you can also:

  • Select the page you want to dispay
  • Adjust the height and width dimensions
  • Change the update interval
  • Change the background colour
  • Make the page public or private


3. Check your page in the preview window and hit "Insert Shortcode" when finished.


Your page will now have a Shortcode which will display your ipushpull page in your WordPress website when you Preview or Publish your site.


Method 1: Modify the page toolbar in the ipushpull Web App

1. Log in to and select which page you would like to embed. In the page toolbar click on the Share button to bring up the rest of the options



2. In the options side window deselect the boxes you don't want on your toolbar then click copy beside "Embed page on your site". The shortcode is now copied to your clipboard



3. Paste the shortcode in your website and your ipushpull page will be displayed within an iframe on your website.






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