Share static Excel data on Symphony using the Premium App

The simplest way to share data using ipushpull is to copy and paste a range from Microsoft Excel. ipushpull captures your data's styles and formats, so you can share data styled the way you want your network to see it.


You can choose to a) paste your new data into a brand new page, b) create a new page based on an existing template, or c) update a page you've already created. The final option is useful if you regularly update some data you are sharing with your network (e.g. a trade blotter you share with your back office or pricing information you share with clients) and you want to create a consistent place for them to find this information.


1. Creating a new page or open an existing page

Launch the ipushpull premium app for Symphony. If you want to create a brand new page for your data, click the New dropdown.

  • Select Page from the dropdown to clear the Copy and Paste section of the current window.
  • If you want to base your new page on a pre-existing template, select it from the list of templates. 
  • Select Window to launch another ipushpull window inside your Symphony session.



2. Copy your data from your spreadsheet

Select a range of data from Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets or other grid-based app and Copy it:



3. Paste it into your page

Pasting into a new page

When you paste this data into a new page, the App will look like this:



To save, choose the folder you want to create the page in, then enter a name for the page (alphanumeric with underscores or hyphens). Choose page permissions then click Submit



Pasting into an existing page

If you want to update an existing page then select it from the Open page dropdown list in the search option. Depending on your data, the app will look like this (EURUSD is the name of this demo page):


If Autosave is selected then the data will be automatically saved. Otherwise click the Save button to update your page. Everyone who is currently viewing the page will see it update immediately (in the Symphony app, or in Excel, or any of the other ipushpull integrations). You don't need to notify them. However, if you want to tell your network that the page has updated, hit the SHARE button that's displayed after you've saved it.


  • By default, the app supports ranges of up to 5000 cells. If you'd like to share larger ranges please Contact Us.
  • The app doesn't currently support Drag & Drop.


3. Share with your network

When you click the SHARE button, the Share on Symphony popup will be displayed:


Enter the details of the people or rooms you want to share with, and press Share. Your data will be shared and your contacts will receive a message like this in their timeline:


When they click on the message they will see the data you shared.


Click Here to return to the ipushpull App for Symphony FAQs


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