How do I share static Excel data with my Symphony network using the Free App?

The simplest way to share data using ipushpull is to copy and paste a range from Microsoft Excel. ipushpull captures your data's styles and formats, so you can share data styled the way you want your network to see it.

This article describes how to share data with the Free App. See this article to learn how to share data using the Premium App.


1. Get Started

Launch the ipushpull app for Symphony. If it's already running and displaying some data, click New then Page to clear the app. Your screen will look like this:



2. Copy and Paste

Select a range of data from Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets and Copy it:


Paste it into the ipushpull app:


You can make as many changes as you like before you share your data.


  • By default, the app supports ranges of up to 5000 cells. If you'd like to share larger ranges please Contact Us.
  • The app doesn't support Drag & Drop or copying from sources other than Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets.
  • Data shared in this way is public - anyone you share it with will be able to share it on to members of their network. To share data privately you will need to upgrade to the ipushpull premium app.


3. Share with your network

Before you share your data with your network you can choose whether only you are permitted to edit the data after you've shared it, or whether anyone can update it. Click the Padlock icon to toggle between the two options:


Now press the Share button. You can optionally enter a name or brief description for your data before you do this. The Share on Symphony popup will be displayed:


Enter the details of the people or rooms you want to share with, and press Share. Your data will be shared and your contacts will receive a message like this in their timeline:


When they click on the message they will see the data you shared.


Click Here to return to the ipushpull App for Symphony FAQs


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