Finding your way around the ipushpull App for Symphony

The ipushpull App for Symphony lets you view, create and share live or static data with your Symphony network.

Launching the App

This is how the app looks when you launch it (premium app shown) :



The main section of the app is large space where you can copy and paste data from your local Excel spreadsheet. Other functions:

Function Description
Open page Displays a dropdown menu listing all the ipushpull pages you have access to. This includes sample pages of live market data, plus your own pages if you have an ipushpull account.
Global pages Displays a curated list of pages you may be interested in. This includes live market data pages plus pages from our partners.
New Displays dropdown enabling you to either a) clear the Copy & Paste section of the app ready for you to share some new data, b) launch a new ipushpull window in your Symphony session or c) create a new page based on an existing template
About Displays overview information about ipushpull and its applications.
Help Brings you to these help pages.
Contact Us Tells you who to contact to find out more.


Viewing or Sharing data

This is how the app looks when you're viewing data you've copied from Excel or are viewing some live data (either your own data, one of our sample pages or a page that's been shared with you):


The main section of the app shows the data you have copied or are viewing. Other functions:

Function Description
Settings Gearwheel Displays the settings for this page.
Favourite Star Adds this page to the list of favourites displayed when you select Open Page.
Copy Copies the current page to your clipboard so you can paste it back into Excel.
Sort Sort the data in the page according to the values in the column you select.
Filter Filter the data in the page according to the values in the column you select.
Find Find a particular value in the page.
Autosave Toggle to autosave changes to the page. If this is not enabled, Save and Cancel buttons will be displayed when you make a change to the page.
Track Toggle to highlight changes that others are making to the page.
View Click this button to resize of the content of the page. Choose Scroll for the original size,  Fit Width to make the content fit the entire width of the window, Fit Height to make the content fit its entire height or Contain to fit the entire page within the current window.
Download Click the Download button to download the latest version of the data in Microsoft Excel format. The Excel file has two tabs – one with a static snapshot of the data, the other with a predefined ipushpull pull command for that data page. If the user has the ipushpull Excel add-in installed then this will let them view the data updating live in Excel.
Share Click to share the page with other Symphony users.
Toggle fullscreen Click this icon to remove the header and footer from the app to maximise your use of screen real estate.


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