Filtering your data in Slack using /ipp pullrow

Large data pages don't always display well in a Slack channel. This article explains how you can use the /ipp pullrow command to filter the data you're pulling into Slack using ipushpull so you only get the rows you're interested in.

You can try any of the examples in this article in your Slack - they all use a publicly available ipushpull page that we update every second.


Use /ipp pullrow to pull single rows from your pages

The /ipp pullrow command filters your table of data according to the values in the first column.

For example, we're pushing the following page of stock prices from Excel to ipushpull:


You can pull these prices into Slack using /ipp pull LiveDemoPages DemoStocks


Note that the first column contains the stock tickers. If you are only interested in the data for, say, AAPL (Apple) you can specify a filter parameter after the folder and page names:

/ipp pullrow LiveDemoPages DemoStocks "AAPL"

If your filter matches a row then we return it like this:


Note that we treat the first row of data as headers and return the data as a nicely formatted Slack card.

If your filter matches more than one row then all matching rows will be returned. For example, this command returns all rows whose first cell contains the letter "A":

/ipp pullrow LiveDemoPages DemoStocks "A" static table


Note you can request data as a static snapshot or updating in real time.


/ipp pullrow Full Syntax 

/ipp pullrow [folder] [page] ["filter"] [live|static] [table|card]


Parameter Optional? Description
[folder]   Name of your ipushpull folder
[page]   Name of your ipushpull page
["filter"]   Value you want to filter on (in quotes)
[live|static] Optional Display live data or a static snapshot (default)
[table|card] Optional Display data as a Slack card (default) or as a text table

Don't include the brackets!

For help on this command within Slack type /ipp pullrow help


More Flexible Filtering

For more flexible filtering try the /ipp pullquery command.

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