How is ipushpull different to DropBox?

When it comes to effectively sharing and collaborating on Excel data, one might think that ipushpull works similarly to Dropbox. Both applications incorporate cloud hosting, data sharing, and editing by multiple users straight from desktop applications. The main difference is files. Dropbox is a file sharing service whereas ipushpull is a data and content sharing service. Files have issues with version control, access control, security are static snapshots in time. Because Dropbox relies on files it does not enable users with real-time functionality, monitoring, or access controls.


DropBox creates multiple versions of the same file when changes to a document are saved at the same time. Valuable time is spend merging changes to make sure that all modifications to a document are correct. Is it an inefficient way to work collaboratively. ipushpull’s unique technology allows multiple users to edit the same content at the same time. By keeping your content up to date and live, all the correct and relevant data is always at your fingertips.

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