Collaborate between Excel and Symphony in real time

The ipushpull App for Symphony lets you collaborate between Excel and Symphony in real-time. As you make changes in one app, your data updates automatically in the other.

Sharing your own live data requires the ipushpull Premium App for Symphony. Please contact your Symphony administrator to upgrade or contact us to find out more.


1. Launch Excel and create a Shared Range on your spreadsheet

Shared Range is a range of cells in your spreadsheet that is linked to an ipushpull page. Whenever you make a change to the range, the updates are pushed to ipushpull. Anyone else who is looking at that page will see your changes automatically. If they make a change to the data, your Excel spreadsheet will update automatically.

This page explains how to create a shared range on your spreadsheet and link it to an ipushpull page.



2. Open the Page in the ipushpull App for Symphony

Launch the ipushpull App and click Find your page. Select the page you have just linked your spreadsheet to from the dropdown.



3. Make a change to the spreadsheet

Change the data in your shared range. As soon as you have made the change the data will update in Symphony. If this does not happen, check that you are logged into the Excel add-in and you have pressed the Start button.


4. Make a change in Symphony

Turn AutoSave on and change a value in the Symphony page, alternatively make a change and hit Save per change. As soon as the data is saved the spreadsheet will update.


To share data from MS Excel to Symphony you'll need an ipushpull login. Click here to find out how to set one up.


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