How do I use ipushpull in Slack?

This page explains the commands you can use to pull live or static data from ipushpull into your Slack channel. For full instructions on setting up ipushpull for Slack, please visit this page.

How do I pull data into my Slack channel?

To pull data into your channel type /ipp pull followed by the ipushpull folder name and page name

/ipp pull folder_name page_name

Try it using one of our sample pages:

/ipp pull LiveDemoPages DemoStocks


How do I pull live data into my Slack channel?

By default the data will be static and unchanging. To pull live data into Slack add the parameter live to the end of the command:

/ipp pull folder_name page_name [live|static]

Try it out:

/ipp pull LiveDemoPages DemoStocks live


As the source data updates, the data in your Slack channel will update, too. Stop the updates by pressing the Stop Updates toggle button. Restart the updates by pressing Start Updates.


How do I pull data as an image?

Slack doesn't include your original styles and formatting when it displays your data. You can pull an image of the data, including the original formatting, into your Slack channel using the image parameter:

/ipp pull folder_name page_name [live|static] [table|image]

Try it out:

/ipp pull LiveDemoPages DemoStocks static image



How do I view live, formatted data? 

To view the data in a live, updating pop-up window,  click the Open in ipushpull link:



How do I download data to Excel?

To download the data to Excel, click the Download in Excel link. This creates an Excel file with two tabs. The first tab contains a static snapshot of the latest data - anyone can use this even if they don't have the ipushpull Excel add-in installed. The second tab contains live, updating data - this will only work if you have the Excel add-in installed and are logged into ipushpull.



Command Summary

Pull Command

/ipp pull folder_name page_name [live|static] [table|image]

Parameter Description
/ipp pull Base command
folder_name Name of the folder containing the page
page_name Name of the page you want to pull
live Display updating data
static Display static, unchanging data
table Display the data in a text table
image Display the data as a jpg image


Other Commands 

/ipp pullrow folder_name page_name "filter" - easily filter the data you're pulling into your channel - click here for full details

/ipp pullquery folder_name page_name "query" - more advanced filtering - click here for full details

/ipp info folder_name page_name - displays information about the page (last update time, who updated it etc.)

/ipp help - General help with commands

/ipp feedback message - Send feedback to the ipushpull team and get help from a human with commands



404 Error - Page Does Not Exist

If you try to pull a page that does not exist you will get the following error message:


To fix the error check you have spelled your page and folder names correctly and try again.

401 Error - Page is not Public

If you try to pull a page that is not public, you will get the following error message:


To fix the error, make the page public.

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