How do I pull Page information using the ipullDisplayInfo() function?

This article describes how to pull information about pages, or 'page metadata', into your spreadsheet using the ipushpull Excel add-in. You can pull information such as the last time the page was updated, the person who updated the page etc. The values update each time the page changes.

The ipullDisplayInfoDemo.xlsx demo spreadsheet attached to this article demonstrates how to do this and the range of page information you can access. Change the yellow cell to your folder name and the green cell to your page name to try it:


1. Pull a Page into your Excel sheet using the ipull function

First, pull your page into a spreadsheet using an ipull(...) function e.g.

          =ipull("MyPageName", "MyFolderName") 


2. Use the iPullDisplayInfo function to display the information you want

Enter an ipullDisplayInfo(...) function into your sheet. The first parameter should be the cell containing your ipull(...) function. The second parameter is the metadata you are interested it. Leave it blank to get the last update time:


Specify a value to get different information about the page:

          =ipullDisplayInfo(A1, WHOUPDATED)


Information Available

You can pull the following information about your pages into your sheet (the first column contains the value you should specify as the second parameter to the ipullDisplayInfo(...) function):

Parameter Description
WHENUPDATED Last date/time the page was updated
DESCRIPTION Description of the page
PUBLIC Is the Page Public (TRUE) or not (FALSE)
WHENCREATED The date/time the page was created
WHOCREATED The user who created the page
WHOUPDATED The user who last updated the page
NUMROWS The number of rows in the page
NUMCOLS The number of columns in the page



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