How do I modify my User Profile?

This article describes how to modify your user settings in ipushpull. Note that if you change your email address or password you will automatically be logged out of all your active sessions (including mobile and Excel sessions) apart from the one you are currently using.

1. Go to the User Settings page

Click the Profile button in the top right of the screen and select User Settings from the drop down menu.

2. Make your changes

Update your settings and hit Save to confirm changes.

A mobile phone number is only required if you want to use ipushpull Alerts. The phone number should start with a + sign, followed by the country code then the number, with no spaces e.g. +447777123456.

A PushBullet ID is only required if you want to receive mobile notifications using your PushBullet account as an alternative to SMS messages.

3. Changing Password or Email address

To change a password or email address click on the appropriate button at the bottom of the screen. As mentioned above, if you change your email or password all other active ipushpull sessions will be logged out, including Excel and mobile sessions.

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